Educational Outreach

Missouri Contemporary Ballet strongly believes that all people should have the opportunity to experience the art of dance. We offer four educational outreach programs that fulfill this mission.

Lecture Demonstrations

lec demThis program introduces the audience to dance by taking them through the daily life of the company. In addition to performing a piece from the company’s repertoire and demonstrating classical steps, the dancers provide an interactive experience by teaching audience members the positions of the arms and legs and the names of dance steps. Following the demonstration, audience members participate in a question and answer period. Lecture Demonstrations are appropriate for all audiences and make a wonderful event for children of any age or assisted living homes.

Our Lecture Demonstration is School Touring Qualified by the Missouri Arts Council! Our Study Guide, designed for grades 3-5, links ballet and the arts to topics such as math, history, and science.

If your school or organization is interested in attending a Lecture Demonstration at our state of the art studio, or hosting one at your facility please contact Missouri Contemporary Ballet by email, or phone, 573-219-7134.



DOB auditionsFormally known as Dance Outside the Box, this program works in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia to expose at-risk youth to the art of dance. Up to ten students from the Boys and Girls Club are offered a special opportunity to study dance with the MCB dancer once a week throughout the school year. A member of the ballet company coaches the children in the studio so they can learn different types of dance, ultimately giving students an opportunity to participate in the arts as performers. In addition to taking a free dance class throughout the year, these students are also given the opportunity to perform on stage at MCB events. They perform at our annual fundraiser, Dancing with Missouri Stars and in our original production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.



DanceAbility-1 smallWe are thrilled to begin 2014 with the start of an educational outreach program called DanceAbility. This program at the School of Missouri Contemporary Ballet is catered toward students with special needs.

The School of MCB’s mission is to cultivate the artistic and personal development of our students by providing a supportive environment of dance study to motivate and inspire. DanceAbility will further this mission by giving students with special needs an opportunity to learn and explore the world of dance.

If you are interested in signing your child up for DanceAbility, click here!


Summer Expedition

summer expedition small


Columbia Public Schools’ five-week summer enrichment program designed specifically for high potential students. Fifteen students, not served by other supportive services, participate in activities designed to increase world knowledge and provide opportunities to think analytically and critically. We offer ballet and modern classes to these students over a 1-2 week period.